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    !!!EVERY TURBOCHARGER WE SELL IS AN EXCHANGE UNIT. CUSTOMER MUST HAVE HIS OLD TURBOCHARGER READY TO GIVE BACK TO THE COURIER ON DELIVERY(WHEN RECEIVING THE REPLACEMENT ONE)!!! Please make sure you take all the pipes which do not belong to the unit off. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU WILL NOT HAVE YOUR OLD UNIT READY FOR CURRIER TO PICK UP, A DEPOSIT OF 150 e IS REQUIRED. If you don't need an exchange turbocharger, repairing your turbocharger can be more cost effective. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, which is possible because we perform all operations in-house from teardown and welding to balancing. We have a comprehensive brand new - on shelf stock. Our small turbochargers are backed with a one year parts and labour warranty.

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