“Turbocentre Ireland” is a company that supplies top-quality turbo parts used for the repair and restoration thereof. We supply parts for the turbines of the most popular manufacturers: “Garrett”, “Mitsubishi”, “IHI”, “KKK”, etc. We constantly expand our business and open up warehouses in other countries for your convenience. We currently have the biggest warehouse of turbo parts with the largest assortment in Ireland and a warehouses in UK, Norway and Denmark. “Turbocentre Ireland” constantly updates its equipment used for testing of turbo parts and repair of turbochargers. A new quality  anagement system was introduced in the company in 2011; this system helps us offer an even larger assortment of turbo parts to you and ensure top-quality. Besides the main parts necessary for repair of a turbocharger such as shaft & wheels, compressor wheels, journal bearings, thrust flingers, thrust collars, piston rings, etc. We can also offer to you complete and balanced cartridges with the help of which repair of a turbo may be carried out in domestic conditions.