About us

Turbocentre Ireland” is a business that provides premium turbocharger parts for the purpose of restoration and repair. The company provides turbo parts for first rate manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, KKK, Garrett and IHI among others.

They are constantly working to make the business grow and as a part of this process open warehouses in other parts of the world. They are currently ranked as the company with the largest turbo parts warehouse in Ireland.

 They also have warehouses in UK, Norway and Denmark. Modifications are constantly being made to “Turbocentre Ireland” equipment which is used to repair the turbochargers in Ireland and test turbo parts.

In 2011 a new system was introduced. It allowed for the provision of even more top quality turbo parts. Apart from the supply of the main components necessary for the turbo charger repair like wheels and shafts, thrust flingers, piston rings, thrust collars, compressor wheels etc. the company can also provide balanced cartridges that allow turbo repairs at home. 


The necessity of a trustworthy turbines in Ireland parts supplier is clearly understood. As such the company strives to have the best and most requested turbine parts in stock that can be delivered shortly after an order is made.

Premium Quality

The work done is based on the mantra of quality. They are very aware of the time low quality products can take away from a company as there has to be constant inspection and repair. The solution to that problem is to provide the best products from the outset.


Cost is a determining factor in the purchase of many items. As such Turbocentre Ireland strives to provide the most competitive prices for their high quality products.


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