Ford Turbochargers

At Turbo Centre Ireland we carry a large stock of Ford turbochargers, covering most models and engine sizes across the Ford range. Whether you drive a diesel Mondeo or the latest Focus, you’ll find affordable options that include new and remanufactured turbos at very affordable prices. We also carry a huge range of components and turbo rebuild kits, ensuring you have everything you need for a complete replacement or selective repair.

Choose any of our remanufactured or new turbos and you’re guaranteed OEM quality that meets or exceeds your turbo’s original specifications. The new Ford turbochargers we stock are manufactured by Turbo Centras in Ireland and Germany - using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to ensure each one meets rigorous performance standards. In addition to the manufacture of new turbos, Turbo Centras also supply components to some of the world’s leading turbo brands - including Mitsubishi, Garrett and KKK.

Your turbo can make all the difference to your car’s performance, and a failing turbo can not only contribute to reduced power, it can also cause damage to the rest of your engine as components begin to break down. Catching this failure early can save you hundreds of Euros, and we offer a full repair and rebuild facility for Ford turbochargers that can restore your turbo to peak performance. Alternatively we offer a selection of remanufactured and new turbos that are substantially most affordable than the main dealers, without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Our new turbos start at just €280 - compare that to our competition and you’ll see we’re extremely competitive - plus our turbos come with guarantees of up to two years for added peace of mind.

Order online now or speak to one of our technicians about our range of remanufactured or new Ford turbochargers, we’ll be happy to discuss your vehicle and offer advice and information on turbo repairs, rebuilds or replacements.